• Certified Coaches and Career Counselors (ICF, GCDF)
  • 9+ years of relevant experience
  • 800+ coaching hours


Ce spun clienții noștri

„Adriana Georgescu is one of the most talented people of her generation in Romania. A versatile professional, Adriana has been able not only to develop within her initial area of training and education (Marketing, Business) but to expand her profile of interests and skills to the very sensible arena of personal development (school and career counseling, coaching, training, supervision). An entrepreneurial spirit, Adriana is active and creative in finding new ways to support the community. Her professional and personal impact spans from individual and group interventions with clients, to the very delicate business of supervising actual helping professional (counselors, coaches). Her training activities for the corporate world include themes such as strengths development, career coaching skills, conflict management, and visual facilitation. With a warm and cooperative personality, and promoting high ethical and professional standards, Adriana displays the talent of an authentic leader in the field, and she is an outstanding team player in domestic and international projects. I would highly recommend Adriana!

Andreea S., NGO Vicepresident


“Developing others, by bringing together motivation skills, empathy, enthusiasm and inspiration. Mădălina manages to use all these resources to make people reflect about themselves and their potential, while finding peace with themselves and helps them find a balance between self-exploration, self- development and self-acceptance.”

Diana D., Learning & Development Specialist


„I worked with Adriana 1 year ago for Career Counseling. Last year I had had to re-enter the job market, after a 2 year pause of Maternity Leave. Adriana helped me regain confidence, strength and clarity in pursuing my career goals. She was the person that I needed to get me re-started. I would recommend her anytime for Career Counseling and more – and I’m speaking from an HR Professional’s point of view. My conviction is that she has the skills and the drive to bring to a great outcome any HR project that she might be involved in. Thank you for your help, Adriana, it was a pleasure working with you!”

Violeta S. Knowledge Manager


„In 2017-2018 I was Madalina’s client in career path and business management consultancy. She marked a milestone in my professional development, supporting me in my quest for discovering what really matters in my career and eventually making steps forward. Basically with her support, I realized my need for an entrepreneurial initiative and she supported me during the transition from corporate to a completely new entrepreneurial mind-set. For that and many more, I’m grateful that I’ve worked with Madalina.”

Simona T., Managing Partner


„Adriana is high skilled in career coaching and training. I had the opportunity to attend the GCDF program delivered by Adriana and her colleague, Madalina Zaharia and I was very pleased with all the information and methods they share with us. Adriana helped me focus on how can I improve my counseling skills and how to became a great career specialist. She is very supportive, passionate about learning and continuous development, analytical and gives great inputs in the career development and learning process. If you want to find support for your career issues or you want to learn what a career counselor does, Adriana is the right person to contact. Thank you, Adriana!”

Maria B., HR & Services Manager


„Împreună cu Adriana am reușit sa îmi ating scopul, cu doar trei ședințe de coaching pline de informații utile am făcut un progres în carieră. M-am prezentat la câteva interviuri și cu ajutorul Adrianei am obținut jobul mult dorit. Mă folosesc de acest prilej sa ii mulțumesc și să ii urez succes in continuare. Keep up the good work!!!”

Călin S., Referent Specialitate


„Adriana was my trainer for the Global Career Development Facilitator certification and my supervisor for the career counseling processes I managed after. I really much appreciated her deeply understanding of human nature and the passion for continuous professional development. Adriana is very experienced and you cannot have but deeply insights when exploring with her what drives you and the possible course of action in a career matter. Able to see the big picture and digging like a mole for every detail relevant to your situation. Adriana gives you the confidence you are able to move forward and you know she is always there if needed. Whether you need career counseling or supervision in your own career counseling activities I can guarantee you get all the support from her! Many thanks for everything, Adriana! You are one of those passionate professionals I’d always want to have around me.”

Dana H., HR Consultant & Career Counselor